Hege A Jakobsen Lepri writes fiction, nonfiction and poetry, primarily during breaks between her translation jobs.

Enjoy samples of her writing and read occasional blog posts–or find updates on her works in progress on these pages.







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You can contact me at:

Email: info@hegeajlepri.ca or

Tel: +1-416-356-2564

On writing

I write to be brutally honest
– and to make sense of my lies


In order to shape your writing to your experience, sometimes you need to break out of the mould

Most writing courses centre on learning the structures of writing: What is a narrative arc? What does it mean to show instead of tell? What is effective use of metaphor? For years, my writing practice was all about getting those rules to work for and in my writing. I still use a traditional narrative arc …


I can usually be reached by email at info@hegeajlepri.ca

or telephone: +1-416-356-2564