I returned to writing poetry after proclaiming that was something I’d never do. But it crept up on me and suddenly, I could no longer resist. But I still feel shy and awkward about writing verse in a language that isn’t my mother tongue. Yet, opening up to the lyrical and poetic felt like a healing, many years after I declared I was done with writing poetry.

Poetry is a practice, and I write haiku/senryu daily my twitter profile @hegelincanada

Published poetry:

My haiku March Moon featured in Haiku Seed Journal

Winter clouds haiku featured in Haiku Seed Journal 

My haiku about bruised apples appeared in Autumn Moon Haiku Journal  5:1 in December 2021.

My poem “Aftermath” appeared in North Dakota Quarterly (vol88.3/4, December 2021)

My haiku about the sun and honey won second prize in the HaikuCrush contest in May 2021

My poem Incantation at the end of #NaNoWriMo is part incantation, part internal joke and it appeared in Anti-Heroin Chic in February 2021

I have haiku in the anthology Black Bamboo. You can order this volume here

One haiga published in Quatrain. Fish (December 2020)

2 senryu published in Under the Basho 2020

2 haiku in Better than Starbucks

Communion of Tongues published in The Maynard, Spring 2020

Knife published in Kissing Dynamite Review no. 16

In Transit, published in Marías at Sampaguitas

At the Door (Old Story for a new Age) published in Marías at Sampaguitas

Meet the Family in Marías at Sampaguitas

“Something Solid” a haibun published in untethered magazine

Modern senryu in Under the Basho journal

2 kyoka in Better than Starbucks

8 kyoka/tanka/senryu in Watch your Head

Spoon‘ in Prism International, fall 2019

Pigeon haiku’ in Haiku Journal #62

“Sudden weakness” and “The Night I left Home” in Anti-Heroin Chic

“The Artisan’s Defense” in Burning House Press https://burninghousepress.com/2019/01/31/the-artisans-defense-hege-jakobsen-lepri/

Why I Write on Heritage Future’s website http://heritagefuture.org/hege-anita-jakobsen-lepri/